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.We are the engineer team for your better future. We came into existence on 30th July 2010. A great struggle and hurdles we had covered to find an tight existence in this volatile market. But from the past we have maintained our quality in product, service to our customers and commitment in our words to achieve the ultimate goal in our business industry. In technological industry E-Matrix is an upcoming name in the hearts and mouth of every young and old ones. We are the provider of Cyber café service, Hardware and Computer Repairing services, PC maintenance, Computer training. We are greatly focused on our New / Old Desktop / Laptop sales and providing Annual Maintenance (AMC) to our beloved customers. Our prices and service charges can be touched by any hands. Therefore, in this market our struggle for existence will continue forever with the very support of you. Thanks for visiting our site and we are very much grateful to you for being our proud customer..

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